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How We Work

We offer access to a wide range of investment options tailored to help you reach your  milestones, and keep both your short and long-term financial goals on track. Our disciplined, three-part investment process helps instill the confidence that your assets will be strategically managed. 

Trend Identification

We adopt asset allocation models based on asset classes we believe are positioned for long-term return potential.

Risk Management 

We monitor asset allocation on a regular basis in an effort to optimize performance based on historical information. 

Investment Selection

We review and track a diverse selection of non-proprietary investment vehicles.




Common Stock

Educational IRA

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA


Simple IRA

Treasury Bills

Government Securities

Treasury Notes

Variable Annuities

Financial Planning

Advisory and Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

401(k) Planning and Rollovers

403(b) Planning

College Savings 

Estate Planning

Profit Sharing 


Disability Income Insurance

Life Insurance

Long-Term-Care Insurance

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. There is no guarantee that an investment strategy will yield positive outcomes. Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy can predict with certainty when it is the right time to enter or exit the market.   |  480-718-5724